Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mandurah Wedge

Today I went to Medge for the first time with Nick and Lenny. Alex was staying in Mandurah for a week so we caught up with him and he surfed it too. The conditions were near perfect with a2.2-2.5m swell and an offshore 15 knot breeze till about 1:00. My dad took us down and filmed throughout the morning. Lenny lost a fin within the first five minutes but we still got some awesome shots. I'm uploading a clip of today later when i get some music for it.

Perfect wedge



Chucky invert

Random invert

Me mini air rev


Alex thrown up in the air

Chucky invert

Lenny vert

Me about to launch


His invert later that wave



Thanks for looking, ill get that video up hopefully tonight

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